About Vanilla Rentals

Our new normal.

How We Got Here

Vanilla Rentals began with a small group of diverse investors who have been developing and investing across Australia for decades, all the while using the services of great local property managers, as well as some who had plenty of room for improvement. So after years of understanding what our own property owners, investors, homeowners and tenants really want, we’ve built a team to deliver just that.

For owners this means transparent and cost effective management, maintenance and tenant selection; as well as accountability so you’ll never pay for our mistakes. Or to put it another way, providing you with the same level of service that we expect for ourselves.

For tenants this means fast accurate application processing, autonomous viewing scheduling; transparent record keeping that tenants can access through their own portal, and support when needed during the tenancy.

Since 2018 we've been merging rent rolls from the Lockyer Valley to SE Brisbane - focusing on solid long term businesses with great track records and well organised business systems that are ready for an update or two. We embrace best practice IT, training and other efficiencies that now benefit all of our landlords and tenants. Doing so allowed us to seamlessly provide a full service remotely and indefinitely during the recent movement restrictions, because ‘the new normal’ was already our normal.

We’re delivering property management created by property owners across SE QLD. We’d love you to put us to the test.

But what about maintenance,
often the biggest bugbear of landlords?

Most of our management team members have building industry backgrounds; have owned rental properties; and have had them managed by other agents from time to time. So we didn’t have to go far to know what could be improved from the owner’s point of view. We also have a number of investors with multiple properties in our portfolios who have no trouble letting us know what’s important when it comes to their properties.

That’s why behind our experienced property portfolio managers we have experienced Maintenance Managers. This bridges the gap between property management and property repairs to ensure that we always have reliable and reasonably priced contractors, and that we can cultivate new ones when required to best support our owners.

SE Queensland

With years in the making, a focused team, and a strong culture of continuous improvement, we’re meticulously expanding across SE Queensland.