Our Story

Why We Started Vanilla Rentals

We are property investors and builders. As property investors we got tired of the roadblocks and, well, other’s incompetence  keeping us from reaching our goals, so we built a property management company from the ground up with both the investor and tenant in mind.

Who We Are

We are property managers for people who have a dream for their real estate investments, who are wanting to grow their portfolio, who treat it like a business.

Partner with us to manage your property and help you achieve your dreams. The purpose of the property is not just to have a property, but to achieve your dream.

What We Deliver

  • We personally take care of the day to day management of your investment property.
  • Fast, accurate and  communication of information you need or request.
  • Your property is consistently occupied.
  • New legislative changes are monitored and applied to keep your property compliant.
  • Maintenance problems are turned into maintenance solutions.
  • Your investment is managed with proven strategies to keep it more profitable.
  • Our in-house maintenance team will solve maintenance issues  quicker and less expensively. Our clients typically save 30% and jobs get done quickly.